Lawn Care Tips

Lawn Care - 5 tips to make your lawn great this spring!

Lawn Care - 5 tips to make your lawn great this spring!

When it comes to having proper lawn care ASAP Lawn & Landscape is here for you. Our team goes above and beyond to provide our customers with the best quality available. As spring is near there are a few things you as a home owner or commercial building owner need to think about! Below we are going to give you 5 tips and tricks to better your lawn this season!

5 - Tips to A Quality Lawn This Spring:

1.) Spring cleaning

Having your lawn cleaned up or even doing it your self in the spring is the number one thing to do to make your lawn have a great season! Almost 55% of all lawn diseases are caused by other plant material in your lawn effecting your lawn. This means sticks, leaves and more. Having a proper clean up will ensure your lawn can receive oxygen and that it will become less susceptible to disease and fungus.

2.) Aeration & Seeding

Though it is more commonly a process done in the fall, having an aeration and seeding may be essential for you. If your lawn has bare areas and does not seem to be filling in this may be necessary. By aerating your lawn you are giving your turf quite a few benefits. From allowing more oxygen into the soil and promoting foot growth the aeration pays off. Then when you seed, your seeds will be 2 - 4 inches into the soil wherever the aeration machine pulls it's plugs allowing for a much more well rooted lawn.

3.)Water for Results

All plants need water and sun to live. If we have a very wet spring this may not be a concern, but you should still water your lawn 2-3 times a week. A lawn will begin to weaken if not maintained. By watering the lawn you are feeding your turf promoting growth.

4.) Tree Trimming & Check Up

Believe it or not having your trees and shrubs maintained not only helps your trees and shrubs, but it also helps your lawn. Many people woulden't think a leaf can get a lawn sick, but it's true a single leaf could wreck a lawn leaving you with thousands of dollars in repairs. See, trees and shrubs can also carry insects, disease , and fungus. Thing such as leaf spot and Phomopsis Blight which if left untreated could kill your grass. By having someone trim your trees & shrubs annually and simply do a check up. you can stay ahead of the curb!

5.)Proper First Mow Of The Season

Having a proper mowing for your first mow of the season is essential to the health and thickness of your lawn all season long! When you prepare to do your first mow following a few simple steps you can ensure your turf is getting what it needs! First sharpen your mower blade if it has yet to be done for the year. If you do not know how to you can find a local professional. Secondly ensure you are mowing your grass at the right height! If you mow your lawn too short it can leave the lawn in stress which makes it more susceptible to disease and fungus. Be sure you avoid leaving the lawn too tall as well as that could cause fungus and water retention issues!

Whats Next?

Well if this guide helped you please give it a share! If you feel you may need a bit of help with your lawn this season we would love to speak with you!

Lawn Care in Mustang, OK

Lawn Care in Mustang, OK

When you are seeking quality lawn care in Mustang, OK our team is here for you! We offer lawn services and more to home owners and local business. With a great team and top quality work

ASAP Lawn & Landscape is here for your needs! From getting you lawn mowed and edged to flower bed design and more our team know how to get the job done!

What Makes our company Different?

With 1 year left of High School the owner of this small local business has his goals set high. As a student and business owner Brettn Alexander was raised on a foundation of hard work, and getting the job done right the first time! As a High School student Brettn has taken an interest in the service industry and he loves working with home owners!

What all services does ASAP Lawn & Landscape offer?

- Mulch Installation

- Flower Bed Installation & Design

- Lawn Mowing

- Spring / Fall Clean Up's

- Hedge Trimming

*If there is a service you are in need of that is not listed we may still be able to help you with it! Call us at (405) 641-5358 and we can let you know if we can help!

Mulch in Mustang

Mulch in Mustang

If you are thinking of having mulch placed in your yard and or mulch beds designed our team is here for you! We offer mulch in Mustang OK and surrounding areas! From different color,style and quality choices to our teams exceptional work we are here for you! At ASAP Lawn & Landscape we only use the highest grade commercial products. So when you call us, you are GUARANTEED quality.


Does ASAP Lawn & Landscape design mulch beds?

Yes our team offers mulch & flower bed design and installation. From helping you choose the right material and look of your mulch beds, to installing them and giving you the landscape you in-visioned our team is here for you! If you need some mulch beds installed give us a call NOW at (405) 641-5358 and let us come out and get you a FREE estimate!


Once you begin mulching stay with it. Removing a layer of mulch will dry out the soil and potentially injure the roots below.

Avoid over applying mulch. Spreading mulch too thick can cause roots to grow shallow and make them more susceptible to death during extended dry periods.